About James Yu

My space-time worm began in upstate New York, traveled to Oklahoma, and eventually trudged its way to San Francisco where its current slice resides.

I spend my time writing speculative fiction, advising and investing in startups, and exploring the intersection of technology and society. I am a proud member of SFWA, Codex, and Sudowriters.

Some past iterations of myself:

You can reach me at jamesjacobyu -at- gmail or follow me on Twitter. I’m always open to brainstorming on startups or story ideas. I especially like helping folks who are new to tech.

  1. I can pick out artifacts in MP3s. No, it doesn't ruin music for me because I don't listen to harpsichords albums. Yes, I have heard Tom's Diner way too many times in the holy pursuit of audio quality. Oh god, don't start humming it.