About James Yu

About James

My space-time worm began in small town upstate New York and eventually traveled to San Francisco where its current slice resides.

Today, I spend my days writing speculative fiction.

Previously, I founded Parse, a platform that powered much of the app universe and was acquired by Facebook. It is now open source.

I also led the team that built the first Facebook app for VR.

Many years ago, I studied in psychoacoustics and built audio algorithms at Dolby Laboratories 1.

I like strong coffee, questioning free will, thinking about the ethics of robot torture, wondering if a person separated in time can be considered the same person and therefore the James Yu that is writing this sentence no longer represents my best interests, and sushi.

You can reach me at jamesjacobyu - at- gmail or follow me on Twitter. My inbox is always open.

  1. I can pick out artifacts in MP3s. No, it doesn't ruin music for me because I don't listen to harpsichords albums. Yes, I have heard Tom's Diner way too many times in the holy pursuit of audio quality. Oh god, don't start humming it.